Before trailblazing the way as the first person (and female) to create Wix coding video tutorials, Nayeli had been designing websites since 2010.  Since then, she has successfully expanded her skillset across multiple platforms and technologies.  She has experience on Shopify, WP and others, but the most popularly requested jobs are listed below. 

500+ projects

40+ projects

50+ projects


< 10 projects


< 10 projects

20+ projects

Elfsight + Book Like a BossWeglot

50+ projects

Awards & Recognitions.

Wix Leader Award

Nayeli began her Wix journey in 2010.  She became a Wix Ambassador for the Rio Grande Valley in Texas from 2016 to 2019 (until the program closed down).  Nayeli was interviewed by Wix and featured in their Wix Blog and Wix Analyst & Investor Day in 2018.  Nayeli appeared as guest speaker at the first ever WixCon in 2018 and 2019 (before Covid shut down the following conferences).  She was among the first small group of Wix Velo Developers to be Certified by Wix in 2020.  There are over 20,000 professional Wix Experts that use the Wix platform and Code Queen is amongst a small handful that have been officially recognized and celebrated by Wix.

Platform Recognition

SpreadSimple has been stapled the platform that creates and manages website via Google Sheets. The popular use case is for very simple ecommerce or listing sites.  Nayeli has been known to think outside the box.  SpreadSimple has recognized her creative uniqueness to shatter the normal use cases their platform was originally thought to be intended for.

Woman Tech Award Winner

Nayeli was named an Ada Lovelace Awards Finalist for the Engineer category of developers for Women in Tech in October 2020.  The next year, in October, she was named the 2021 Ada Lovelace Award Winner for the same category for her leadership, impact, innovation and community contributions in tech.

Created Epic solution recognized by BLAB

Book Like a Boss is a robust booking app that is used by hundreds of thousands of users.  It became popular after being featured on AppSumo (an Austin, TX company).  Since 2017, BLAB had been trying to 'work with Wix' to allow their app to work on Wix sites via embed.  Unfortunately, BLAB reached many dead ends and could not provide a solution for their users.  Code Queen, after exclusively using this booking app for her business, had enough of hosting her booking page on a separate platform.  So she created a work around by using Velo and a little creativity.  BLAB has now published her solution on their website and named her solution "pretty epic".


We appreciate your business and your consideration for choosing Code Queen.

Group Meetups

Hire Nayeli as a guest speaker for your next event.  Pricing starts at $1,500 for 2 hrs.  Commute and other expenses may vary.  Invitations for last minute events are also welcome.

Project Analysis

Hire Nayeli to analyze your current or future projects.  Pricing starts at $250/ hr with a minimum of 1hr video session that you are welcome to record.  Weekend availability upon request.

Website Audit

Hire Nayeli to audit branding identity, site structure and usability, optimization, online presence enhancement and more.   Pricing starts at $1,500 and includes two 1 hr video call sessions.

Influencer Videos

Collaborations are currently being scheduled between 2-3 months in the future.  These can be uploaded to your own YouTube channel or Code Queen's channel.  Pricing starts at $1,600 per video.

Web Development

At the moment, Nayeli is not taking on any new Web Development clients for the year 2022.  Currently there is a long waitlist to work with her on private projects.  Thank you for your patience.

Web Design

We are now accepting clients for web design services starting Summer 2022.